Trainer / Entrepreneur

In addition to being a CPA with more than 25 years of experience,Luce is first and foremost an entrepreneur. She started two businesses, an accounting office and a functional training gym. She sold a business and did various projects in the cultural field (book/self-publishing, CD and production of shows).

Luce now offers courses/conferences in business launch. She has extensive experience in the field and wants to educate entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs and benefit from her expertise.

Luce is a dynamic, passionate woman full of stories to tell. Her experience in finance combined with that of an entrepreneur in the field makes her a resource person who can bring a lot to an entrepreneur.

Profile / Accomplishment / Expertise

Luce Morin CPA, CA has more than 25 years of experience as a tax specialist.
She first learned her skills at Deloitte and for various companies such as Reebok, Adidas, Pfizer, Alcan and the Aldo group.

In 2011, Luce founded her own accounting firm in Lachine.
A woman of ideas, actions and projects, she surrounds herself with clients who are passionate about their craft: artists, entrepreneurs and leaders. It is thanks to her human approach and her great sense of popularization that Luce stands out in her industry

In 2016, she founded the Swet performance and training gym
The gym was developed from scratch and has become a reference for training in Lachine.

Liste des tĂąches accomplies

Business start-up / Development / Sales

SWET has reached the milestone of 400 members.

The brand is well established in the market. The location is the best in Lachine. In the heart of Lachine where all commercial activities are found. Located between residential development and commercial development, a prime location to serve the entire population of Lachine.

In 2018, Luce produced and edited the comic strip Lucy and Leila get involved in Simon’s business.
The first personal finance comic strip aimed at young people aged between aged 13 and 17, which illustrates the discovery and learning of the world of finance. The comic can be found in several high schools in Quebec.

List of completed tasks

Idea / Production / Sales

Luce is above all an entrepreneur at heart, a passionate woman always full of projects in mind. An inspiring woman!

Offered services

I want to teach people the reality of business!

  • Legal structure, permits and licensing requirements:Think about it before you start to avoid delays
  • Business plan : The importance of having a good plan and understanding it.
    • Understanding your business plan for yourself, not just to have an approval with the banks. If you want to succeed, you have to know your business and its needs.
    • Is it complete? Is the budget real? Which bank is best for my field of activity?
  • Searching for financing: Banks yes, but do I need shareholders? The pros and cons of having a partner? Preferred shareholders, why not ?
  • The importance of taking good care of your business: Giving importance to your finances to be able to make good decisions as short-term than long-term
    • Learning to understand financial statements
    • How to manage cash
    • Follow our numbers on a monthly basis so as not to have any unpleasant surprises at the end of the year
    • Be proactive in your finances
  • Taxes and taxes: A necessary evil that can get us in trouble
  • Choosing a location: Real need for a space? Get the spend right.
  • Sales and development: Important, but controlling expenses is also important
  • Hiring:Employees or contractors?
  • The importance of good people
  • The budget: How to set up a realistic budget without Overestimating Projected Revenues?
  • Relentlessness vs. Persistence: When Should You Let Go?


Conference 1 hourTraining of 4 or 7 hoursOther on request

training is given only in French.

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