Luce Morin


Luce Morin has been a chartered accountant since 1991. With more than 23 years experience, she specialized as a tax expert in 1994. She’s worked for many companies, including Deloitte, Reebok International/adidas, Pfizer, Alcan and the ALDO Group. In 2011, Luce founded her own accounting practice, Activ services comptables et fiscaux inc.

From SME to self-employed workers, her main clients are entrepreneurs. Luce is not only a qualified accountant, but she also puts her vast experience to great use by reassuring her clients and offering them the support they need. She is knowledgeable in all facets of entrepreneurship and is always available to answer questions, find solutions, reassure and encourage her clients.


Mathieu Populus

CPA auditor

It was the passion for entrepreneurship and management that led Mathieu Populus to join the Activ team. He has gained experience by working more than 5 years as a records manager in an accounting firm. He has developed his working methods and expertise in several business sectors, such as certification, financial accounting and taxation. He is a member of the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants of Quebec.


Benoit St-Pierre

Accounting Analyst

The passion for numbers led BenoĂźt to work in accounting. He has more than 3 years of experience in accounting and has worked with several accounting firms such as BDO, Deloitte and LĂ©vesque Marchand Welch. He obtained his DEC in accounting in 2013 and his BAC in accounting sciences in 2022. He has just completed his DESS in professional accounting in 2023. He joins the ACTIV team to do his internship in order to become a CPA.


Nadia Perron

Accounting Analyst

Her passion for numbers from a young age and the desire to follow in her cousin’s footsteps, led Nadia to choose the path of accounting. She obtained her BAC in accounting in 2013. Today, she has 10 years of experience and wishes to develop her knowledge within the ACTIV team.


Roxanne Girard Potvin

Executive Assistant

Roxanne has seven years of experience in managing administrative and financial services for an SME.

Today, looking for new challenges, she decides to evolve in a whole new field and joins the activ team. It will continue to play an intermediary role between different parties. According to her, this requires good communication skills, great humanity and above all good judgment!

For Roxanne, the role of an executive assistant is to be the pillar of a team. It’s about being the resource person who will make sure everything hangs together. Sometimes she will even manage to perform small miracles!



Senior Accounting Technician

From an early age, a passion for numbers led France to obtain, in 1985, a college diploma in accounting.

Over the past thirty-six years, she has acquired a great deal of experience with several accounting firms and companies in multiple sectors of activity.

Always interested in taking up new challenges, France is very happy to offer her
dynamism, her enthusiasm, her taste for a job well done and her smile to the team of
the Montebello office to contribute to always better serve the large clientele of Activ.


Paula Buchanan

Accounting Technician

She completed her course in accounting in 2010 and since then has been part of the office team in the beautiful village of Montebello. Her main duties are reception, payroll, bookkeeping and she is very active during tax time.

She is always in a good mood and is efficient at whatever she does. Paula welcomes you to the Montebello office
 always with a smile.


Valya Petkova

Accounting Technician

I have worked as an accounting technician since 2007 and I gained a lot of experience before deciding to try the adventure in another country, to take on new challenges in Canada and more precisely in Quebec. By pursuing my passion, I obtained my AEC in accounting at Ahuntsic College in 2019. For 4 years, I have worked as an accounting technician in several accounting firms. I continue to develop my experience and improve my skills in the field of accounting and finance. I am happy to have the opportunity to be part of the Activ team.

André Pilon

ADM. A, pl. fin.

A native of the Petite-Nation, founder of Cabinet Gestion Papineau Inc in 1985, which has now become Activ accounting and tax services Inc. André defines himself as a business advisor. Present to our clients by supporting them in their needs as vast as accounting, taxation and taxes on products and services, purchase and / and sale of a business, settlement of inheritance, etc 



Eric Grenon

Mutual Fund Representative, Financial Security Advisor.
Investors Group Financial Services

Eric has 30 years of experience in financial advisory, acquired with two major Quebec financial institutions. As Regional Vice-President for the past 13 years, he can fully understand people’s concerns related to their finances. He is motivated by the success of the people around him.



Crila is well known for her photography work in the fashion, beauty, advertising and celebrity world. Her retouching skills, art direction, perfectionism and the complicity she cultivates with her models and clients all contribute to making her a sought-after image maker. After having worked with many magazines, celebrities, and fashion houses, she is now focusing on creating.

LĂ©a Joannette, Graphic designer

LĂ©a Joannette works for Activ as a contractor since 2015. She is primarily responsible for media, marketing, and development. She has a DEC in management, formation in graphic design, and in the process of obtaining her bachelor’s degree in graphic design at the University of Quebec in Montreal. She participated in the creation of the comic book “Lucy and Leila meddle in Simon’s business”. She was responsible for the print layout, Ebook, and media.


333 Photo & Design

333 is a creative multimedia company specializing in commercial photography, graphic design, web design, and cinematography. From strategy, art direction, and team coordination, 333 has everything you need to realize your project.