Luce Morin

This book is intended as a resource for any entrepreneur. Whether you are at the idea, start-up or growth stage, you will find help on all stages of the business cycle. The objective is to help understand the stages that a company goes through, but above all to demonstrate that you can start from an idea, a dream, realize it and be proud of it.

Your reading will take you into the life of a company through its history and the personal experiences of its author. Going beyond questions of numbers and finance, several chapters also cover the range of emotions that entrepreneurs go through.

was written based on questions that every aspiring entrepreneur asks himself, such as the relevance of having a partner, how to find financing, managing cash flow, what to do if it does not work ?, etc All this in a practical and positive tone that also demonstrates the beauty of entrepreneurship.

As a bonus, discover the little entrepreneurial stories of inspiring women who demonstrate that entrepreneurship is accessible to everyone: Chantal Lacroix, Isabelle Huot, GeneviĂšve Dorion-Coupal and a few others.

LUCE MORIN has been a Chartered Professional Accountant since 1991 and has over 25 years of experience in the field. She has worked for Deloitte and various companies including Reebok International, Pfizer, Alcan and The ALDO Group. In 2011, Luce founded her own accounting firm, Activ Services Comptables et Fiscaux. A woman of ideas, action and projects, she surrounds herself with clients who are passionate about their profession: artists, entrepreneurs and leaders. It is thanks to her human approach and her great sense of popularization that Luce stands out in her industry.

2020 winner of the CPA Emeritus award from the Montreal CPAs