The services of a certified professional accountant are not only for businesses.They are also appropriate for improving the state of your personal finances. At Activ tax and accounting services, you will find an advisor to answer your financial questions, establish an outstanding plan for your financial projects and give out added value with advice covering your specific tax situation.

Accounting services for individuals
Income Tax Return

When you are filing your annual income tax return, you must be sure you are benefitting from all the tax deductions and tax credits you are entitled to. Tax laws change constantly; it is therefore easy to lose one’s bearings and to neglect specific features which would impact your tax refund. Our professionals undertake a comprehensive analysis of your situation. You will benefit from advice providing added value for minimizing your personal income tax and you will rest assured that your return meets all the requirements regarding tax compliance. Your peace of mind deserves the competence and reliability of an Activ tax and accounting services advisor.

Tax Planning
At Activ tax and accounting services, we take into consideration that every client has their specific features, history and objectives. Your uniqueness motivates us in counselling you with the planning of your future projects and in anticipating the favourable and unfavourable fiscal consequences arising from the financial transactions you are contemplating doing. Benefitting from the knowledgeable advice of a certified professional accountant is an invaluable added value for your projects and the health of your future finances.
Deceased Individual

The loss of a loved one is always very painful. In that situation, it is important to fully understand the procedure of preparing tax returns.

Do not entrust your file to just anybody. It could result in serious
complications that would be very difficult to modify. Furthermore, the heirs’ responsibility is directly linked to the deceased person’s income taxes. You must file the tax return of the deceased within six (6) months following their death or on April 30 of the following year, whichever of these two dates comes last.

Come and meet one of our specialists and they will make a point of guiding you and avoiding unpleasant surprises.


We also offer the following services in the case of a death:

Preparation of T3 slips and Relevé 16 slips for heirs
Preparation of T3 and Relevé 16 summaries for the government
Preparation of the federal clearance certificate
Preparation of the provincial clearance certificate
Creation of a trust (only if necessary)

Voluntary Disclosure

For personal reasons or by simple oversight, you may have omitted to file with the authorities certain past income. Does this situation make you edgy? At Activ tax and accounting services, we understand this state of mind. Our know-how can bring about the regularization of your fiscal situation while avoiding having to pay interests and penalties resulting from an ulterior audit by fiscal authorities. Get ahead of them while getting rid of your tax worries. You can trust our advisors to help you see more clearly.

Tax Audit

No one is immune from a tax audit. Even if you believe all your previous tax returns were done according to good practice, someone can go through them in minute detail and discover imperfections. This tax audit can turn out to be a source of stress and anguish for you. The professionals at Activ tax and accounting services understand your worries and offer you specific assistance to better understand the issues of this audit. They will accompany you during your negotiations with fiscal authorities and will help you determine the best possible route. Throughout the whole process, our certified professional accountants will be attentive to your
needs and will analyze your situation objectively and professionally.

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