At the accounting firm Activ tax and accounting services, you will find a unique combination of taxation and business transaction services. Your SMB deserves your full concentration at the helm just as much as our in-depth expertise at its service.
A certified professional accountant from Activ counsels you in all objectivity according to all of your financial characteristics.

Accounting services for SMBs

Accounting and bookkeeping

You can count on a certified professional accountant to keep your books with rigour and professionalism. Our advice will bring added value to your strategic decision-making.


The ever-present competition in the business world requires that you take quick decisions. We will provide all the necessary assistance in order to measure the fiscal consequences of those decisions. We are on the lookout for legislative changes and continuously searching for new corporate income tax reduction strategies.

Consulting Services

The help of a professional is essential in making decisions and having an enlightened vision of your business. We are outstanding advisors and wily experts on the workings of the business world. Besides assisting you with your strategic decisions and plans, we can identify other business opportunities with you.

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