Pricing for Personal Tax Returns


  • Production of tax returns (2)
  • Calculation of instalment payments
  • Notice of assessment follow-ups (years produced by activ)
  • Amendments if error on the part of activ
This package entitles you to a 30-minute preliminary meeting
February RRSP estimate calculation not included
Commonly asked questions included (by email or phone).
Other issues (either fiscal or requiring additional work) will be charged extra.

  • basic tax return $165
  • tax return with dependant child $185
  • tax return with 1 schedule (1) $285
  • tax return with 2 schedules (1) $350
  • tax return with 3 schedules (1) $425
  • + réno vert credit +$50
  • + sales of principal residence +$50
  • + medical expenses no added +$50

(1) Self-employed schedule, rental income, car expense or investment income.
(2) Note that tax returns are transmitted electronically.
(3) Note that prices do not include taxes.

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