Immigration is a trying process. Finding your place within a new country means learning new laws, your new rights as well as the new tax system with which you must comply. The professionals at Activ tax and accounting services suggest accompanying you with your comprehension of the complexity and differences of the Canadian tax system through a comprehensive analysis of your personal situation.

Accounting services for immigrants
Tax planning
Following your arrival in Canada, specific rules apply in determining the status of your tax residence, and understand that they differ from the rules of residence as regards immigration. By consulting one of our taxation advisors, you will easily determine your residence status as regards Canadian laws. He will equally clarify the benefits of the tax agreement with your country of origin, if necessary. Furthermore, this advisor will assist you in your undertakings with fiscal authorities so that you may enjoy the benefits to which you are entitled.
Income tax return
From the moment you become a Canadian tax resident, you are required to submit to Canadian tax laws. In that same year, you will have to file an income tax return in Quebec and an income tax return for Canada when declaring your income from international sources. A taxation advisor from Activ tax and accounting services is able to inform you about your tax obligations, analyze all the items of your personal situation and provide you with judicious advice. Our professionals’ efficiency ensures that you minimize your income tax and that you meet tax compliance requirements with confidence.
Consulting services
The accountants from Activ tax and accounting services are at your service to discuss your business projects. As an immigrant, you need the advice of a professional with deep knowledge of the Quebec business environment. Achieving your projects requires the establishment of financial forecasts, the knowledge of financing opportunities, determining the best structure for your projects and being counselled on the tax consequences of your planned transactions. A certified professional accountant is the ideal professional to assist you with your undertakings.
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